Rostyslav Shtyn’: «If a person doesn’t have a choice, he takes the first thing offered»

Ростислав ШтиньNot everyday there’s a possibility to chat with such a person as Rostyslav Shtyn’ – present producer of Tel’niuk sisters, patriarchy and creator of Ukrainian show-business, a person who brought up to the public such bands, as «Mertvyi Piven» and «Skriabin». I had an honor to listen to a record of a new sister’s song – «Tatku miy ridnyi (My dear daddy)». This song differs from what sisters used to sing before. It’s not a traditional, close to a national singing anymore, now it’s more of a meditation. In general, it’s hard to verbalize. Even Rostyslav Shtyn’ himself couldn’t give a definition for a new style of sisters, he called it «a new form». Actually, we were talking about this and some other interesting things.